Analyze John Rawl's concept of social justice in the Indian context.

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According to John Rawls, the concept of social justice is "all social primary goods-liberty and opportunity, income and wealth, and the basis of self respect

are to be distributed equally unless an unequal distribution of any or all of these goods is to the advantage of the least favoured .The contents of the "social primary goods" specified by Rawls are of particular importance, for the  fair distribution of them, namely, liberty and opportunity, income and wealth and basis of self respect in a society will undoubtedly help to achieve the much needed social justice. Another important aspect of his theory is that while laying emphasis on the equal distribution of the “social primary goods”, he envisages “an unequal distribution” of the “social primary goods” if such unequal distribution is “to the advantage of the least favoured”. In envisaging such “unequal distribution” of the social primary goods to benefit the “least favoured” in the society. John Rawls has displayed a great sense of pragmatism, he rightly felt that equal distribution of the ‘social primary goods’ in an unequal or hierarchical society would result in perpetuating the already existing inequality and the social justice would become cry in the wilderness. The ‘least favoured’ in every society must be given initial advantages to compete with the most favoured in the society by the unequal distribution of “social primary goods” to the advantage of the least favoured7. In enunciating this view, Rawls seems to have anticipated the the doctrine of ‘Protective Discrimination’ embodied in the Constitution of India.

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