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A fresh engineering graduate gets a job in a prestigious chemical industry. She likes the work. The salary is also good. However, after a few months she accidently discovers that a highly toxic waste  is being secretly discharged downstream who depend on the river their water needs. She is perturbed and mentions her concerns to her colleagues who have been in the company for longer periods. They advise her to keep quiet as anyone who mentions the topic is summarily dismissed. She cannot risk losing her job as she is the sole bread winner of her family and has to support her ailing parents and siblings. At first she thinks that if her seniors are keeping quiet, why should she stick out her neck. But her conscience pricks her to do something to save the river and the people who depend upon it. At heart she feels that the advice of silence given by her friends is not correct though she cannot give reasons for it. She thinks you are a wise person and seeks your advice.

a) What arguments can you advance to show her that keeping quiet is not morally right?

b) What course of action would you advise her to adopt and why?

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answered Dec 7, 2016 by PRASHANT TYAGI (1,340 points)
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ANSWER (a) - I would tell her that she is a human first and then an employee. I will tell her about the devastating effect of contaminated water on the people who use it and how this water can endangered the life of many. I will assure her that if she has ability and confidence then she can get another job but to remain silent to such a inhuman activity is not morally right. I will motivate her to take honest approach and since people have been living on this contaminated water for so many years without even knowing the matter she is the only hope to do justice to them. It will also set an example for the masses to take action against such anti-human activities. At the same time I will say to her to look from the point of view of our environment which is degrading due to such toxic materials and how your right action can aware the people to protect this environment. At last I will tell her that however you might lose your job but you should not let humanity to be lost.

ANSWER (b) - In order to take action against the administration I would advice her to act very safely and cautiously. 

I will tell her first to forward a written complain about toxic material being dumped into river to the highest authority of the company. And before doing this I would suggest her to take her colleagues into confidence to form a unity against the administration as however they can fire single employee but it will not be feasible to fire a unit.

If it would not bulge anything, the second course of action that she can take is to go to the people who are affected by contaminated water and aware them about the harmful effect of contamination on their health and environment. By this she can start a mass movement and then file a Public Interest Litigation for the affected people against the company. It is also advisable to spread this fight for safe health and environment through print and mass media and this can give boost to their initiative against the anti-environment activities of the factories. 

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answered Dec 10, 2016 by Fighter (1,555 points)
Some of the arguments that can be given to show that keeping quiet is morally wrong include:
1. One should be empathetic to the lives of people depending oh the river water for drinking as contaminated water may cause them incurable diseases abd at the quest case may lead to their death
2. Protecting environment is our fundamental duty and rights and duties are like both sides of coin one should perform a duty to enjoy rights
3. If this mistake of the company is let of then this may lead to further bigger mistakes abd it may involve in further bigger hazards causing harm to larger number
4. Some where step should be made to protect our environment and inculcate a habit of moral responsibility among citizens and why not us...

         I will suggest her talk to her colleagues and seniors and try to motivate them to discuss with the management.
1. If that is positive then she can lead the team to discuss with management if they adhere then it is well abd good else threaten the management of complaining to national green tribunal if they don't mend their ways
2. If colleagues are not interested she can take the samples of the river and send them to the municipality abd the national green tribunal and the pollution control board and also report to the media
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