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asked Dec 6, 2016 in Case Studies-CSE Mains GS - IV by tuo.current (7,320 points)
You are a young, aspiring and sincere employee in a Government office working as an assistant to the director of your department. Since you have joined recently, you need to learn and progress. Luckily your superior is very kind and ready to train you for your job. He is a very intelligent and well-informed person having knowledge of various departments. In short, you respect your boss and are looking forward to learn from him.
Since you have a good tuning with the boss, he started depending on you. One day, due to ill health he invited you at his place for finishing some urgent work.
You reached his house and before you could ring the bell you heard shouting noises. You waited for a while. After entering the house, the boss greeted you and explained the work. But you were constantly disturbed by the crying of a woman. At last, you inquired with the boss but his answer did not satisfy you.
Next day, you were compelled to inquire further in the office and found out that his behaviour is very bad at home with his wife. He also beats up his wife.
His wife is not well educated as is a simple woman in comparison to her husband. You see that though your boss is a nice person in the office, he is engaged in domestic violence at home.

In such a situation, you are left with following options. Analyse each option with its consequences.
a) Just ignore thinking about it because it is a personal matter.
b) Report the case to the appropriate authority.
c) Your own innovative approach towards the situation.

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answered Dec 20, 2016 by tuo.current2 (1,905 points)
- The first option of just ignoring matter is unreasonable because:

1. The Domestic violence would continue and could go to an extent of Boss seriously injuring or Killing his wife.

2. Ignoring the matter will add guilt to the conscience of that person as domestic violence is a Social crime & Evil.

- Second option of reporting the case is inappropriate as:

1. It would harm the carrier as well as reputation of young officer in his department.

2. Reporting the incidence immediately only on basis of a preliminary enquiry without getting to roots of problem is not wise.

3. It could harm the carrier and image of Boss who has been supporting, it will be ungrateful.

 - Third option of innovative approach must be done in following way:

1. One must have a conversation with Boss confidentially about the matter and he must be convinced to go for counselling along with his wife.

2. If he is unwilling then a mild threat must be given that you will report the matter to authorities.

- This Action Can have following consequences:

1. Negative : Boss would outright deny or threaten you.

2. Positive : Boss would listen to your friendly advice and be ashamed of his action.

- However, this is the risk worth talking to arrive at a win-win situation.
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