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Saraswati was a successful IT professional in USA. Moved by the patriotic sense of doing something for the county, she returned to India. Together with some other like-minded friends, she formed an NGO to build a school for a poor rural community.
The objective of the school was to provide the best quality modern education at a nominal cost. She soon discovered that she has to seek permission from a number of government agencies. The rules and procedures were quite confusing and cumbersome. What frustrated her most was the delays, callous attitude of officials and constant demand for bribes. Her experience and the experience of many others like her has deterred people from taking up social service projects.

A measure of government control over voluntary social work is necessary. But it should not be exercised in a coercive or corrupt manner. What measures can you suggest that due control is exercised, but well meaning, honest NGO efforts are not thwarted?

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answered Dec 11, 2016 by Fighter (1,555 points)
Control in any area is necessary but that should definitely not reach unacceptable levels where people feel difficult to carry on....
In the present case the following steps can be taken:
1. Making everything digital so that all the rules can be found at one place and leads to minimum confusion and also no need to move towards various government offices
2. If it is made digital then application date will be there and in case of any delays there should be a mechanism to report to authorities which increases the accountability of officers
3. Most of the time reporting about bribe will invite unnecessary hurdles in getting permission in future so steps should be taken long term
       Like frequent checks and surprise checks to govt offices to instill fear and ensuring that those who expose the crime is not penalized with non cooperation at other govt offices thereby citizens gets motivated

         There should be a background check on individual's ngo funds incase of any mala fide intention then they can be banned but due to some ngos not all ngos should be made to suffer
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