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asked Nov 3, 2016 in Expert Advice by srishaila (240 points)
Discuss anything, have a Chat...

This is the place for quick Enquiry :)

Have Fun..!!!
commented Nov 30, 2016 by Ravi Kant Tiwari (50 points)
Can I discussion in hindi?

Can you provide me study material in hindi.?
commented Dec 1, 2016 by wsmkrm (410 points)
how to prepare science for pre nd main.
commented Dec 2, 2016 by challenger (13,790 points)
We  try our best to provide support in hindi.
commented Dec 13, 2016 by Phurden Lepcha (345 points)
Hello everyone goodevening. Here I am asking for some help how to start preparation for IAS exam. Since I had made my mind for this cracking the exam but totally got no idea how, where, and what to do it?
commented Dec 13, 2016 by Anish Yadav (50 points)
is it free of cost?
commented Dec 13, 2016 by TheUPSCAdmin (1,720 points)
@Anish Yadav, Yes. Please read FAQ
commented Dec 13, 2016 by challenger (13,790 points)
@ Phurden Lepcha  please see expert advice tab
commented Dec 14, 2016 by Phurden Lepcha (345 points)
Ok. I will do that. thanks a lot.
commented Dec 16, 2016 by Kishan (50 points)
Hello guys,

I need some guidance  , I am working in private firm with 8 hr shift. Shift changes after 15 days ( day & nyt) . I am thinking to start preparation for UPSC Exam.
I don't have time join the coaching, classes. I am from technical background and done ( Electronics & Communication  Engineering).
Guide me for how to prepare for this exam and about optional which one will be fine for this type of background.
commented Dec 17, 2016 by challenger (13,790 points)
Dear kishan,
1.Its possible to crack civil services without coaching please mention no attempts available to you /Age  to furher guide you properly.
3.Optionals you need to choose based on your passion
commented Dec 22, 2016 by midhuncurie (80 points)
when does prelims test series 2017 registration starts ?
commented Dec 22, 2016 by wsmkrm (410 points)
registration for test series has already been started ..u can join any test series u want to...this is the best time to join test series..
commented Dec 22, 2016 by challenger (13,790 points)
Soon on this platform mock tests will be started.wait for official announcement.
commented Dec 22, 2016 by op (75 points)
reshown Dec 23, 2016 by challenger
vajiram&ravi has started admission for prelim test series 2017 and 22 jan commencement .
commented Feb 14 by zyotisingh (50 points)
For Prelims 2017,From which month onwards do i have to cover current affairs and the hindu.
commented Feb 15 by challenger (13,790 points)
Dear Zyotisingh
From August 2016 to till date
But UPSC sometimes asks previous years issues also so need to be aware of major issues happened in the past too..
commented Feb 15 by zyotisingh (50 points)
Thanx For the Reply.But I covered The Hindu from December 2016,but i followed yojana and insights current affairs from May 2016.So how to cover those The Hindu (From August to November)which i missed.
commented Feb 15 by challenger (13,790 points)
study from Vision Ias/Insights  current affairs.
If any doubts in current affairs ask question on this platform.
commented Feb 15 by zyotisingh (50 points)
Thank you so much.I ask one more thing For Mains 2017 ,The Hindu would be ideal from which month???
commented Feb 15 by challenger (13,790 points)
please dont differentiate between mains and prelims.
From Jan 2017 is enough...but as i told earlier they may ask 1 year back current affairs need to cover old major issues too
commented Feb 15 by zyotisingh (50 points)
Thank you so much.It means a lot.....!!!
commented Feb 15 by challenger (13,790 points)
commented Feb 15 by challenger (13,790 points)
Mock tests started?Are you part of it?
commented Feb 15 by zyotisingh (50 points)
No.I am not a part of it.....!!!
commented Mar 13 by Ravi kiran (680 points)
how t gain points and redeem them
commented Mar 13 by TheUPSCAdmin (1,720 points)
You are already gaining points by questiong...Answering....Discussing things...You can send message to admin to redeem points.initiative helps to gain knowledge as well as books...Keep learning
commented Mar 14 by Ravi kiran (680 points)
thank you
commented Mar 29 by Mohitwa (70 points)
why there are discrepancies in mocks...Took History..2 to 3 qstns are unsuitable according to options....
commented Mar 29 by TheUPSCAdmin (1,720 points)
Please mention which test and question  no plz
commented Jun 20 by Poojaattri (50 points)
What is string of pearls?How does it impact india.Briefly outline the steps taken by india to counter this.

5 Answers

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answered Nov 28, 2016 by Shrikant Bns (70 points)
How to identify sub topics of mains syllabus
commented Nov 28, 2016 by tuo.current (7,315 points)
Hi Shrikant
Post your question here:
commented Nov 28, 2016 by tuo.current (7,315 points)
commented Dec 1, 2016 by pathan
how to impove my conmunication skills for an interview
commented Dec 1, 2016 by akay
I will advice you to go through newspaper daily and always try to begin a conversation from your side rather than waiting for the other one to start.
commented Dec 2, 2016 by torender (65 points)
the best way you can improve your communication skills is by reading newspaper (the hindu) regularly especially the editorial page and watching some of the debates or discussions on tv and practicing them in your daily life
commented Jan 20 by Sachin gowtham raj (50 points)
Can I improve  my English in 3 months?
commented Nov 15 by ratheeshgks (75 points)
yes u can, read English news papers thoroughly , watch news channels .
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answered Dec 5, 2016 by Amitchandra (85 points)
Hi, I request you to upload any specific strategy regarding UPSC CSE 2017( LIKE PLANNER)
commented Dec 8, 2016 by challenger (13,790 points)
Hi Amitchandra ,
We believe individual should have his own plan.However seeing many requests we are thinking of posting a customizable  planner.
please wait for some time.
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answered Dec 6, 2016 by op (75 points)
how to get material on modes of digital payment?
commented Dec 8, 2016 by challenger (13,790 points)
please be specific
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answered Mar 30 by Mohitwa (70 points)
It is there....In History Modern India...1757-1947.....!!

Kindly do check the qstns....M not getting paper back due to some tech snag...thnks
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answered Jun 17 by dkuna98 (70 points)
when I on the process of purchasing tests, it is still with message "your transaction is being processed. please do not refresh" check this problem and resolve it soon.
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