Comment on the 'war-mongering' going on in the social-media w.r.t. Indo-Pak relations.

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Unlike neighbours in societies whom we can choose in one way or other, there is no possibility of choosing our neighbouring countries.
The recent incidents of aggression by the Pak rangers and them sourced terror outfits has increased the clamour for war against Pakistan.
Why should we have war?
1. Pakistan has since partition been looking with an evil eye on Indian territory especially Kashmir. Though India defeated her in many wars and battles, it continues to act against India one way or the other.
2. Recently, Pakistan has inflicted heavy losses to India in form of killing of soldiers at Uri and Pathankot. Many civilians have also been killed in various sectors along LoC and International Border.
3. Pakistan has given full support to people like Hafiz Saeed who masterminded Mumbai Attacks. Also, there has been no progress on investigation in Mumbai Attacks case by Pakistan.
4. Civilian Government in Pakistan has always been under the huge pressure of the Military. In fact, military mainly calls the shots in policies related to India.
5. Pakistan has since partition been funding the infiltrators and terror outfits. It is also a source of laundered money.
6. Recently as in the history as well, Pakistan has been continuosly violating the cease fire with cross-border firing and shelling, thus killing innocent people.
7. Incidences of spying by Pakistani diplomats has been found.

Why avoid war?
1. War always leads to huge loss of lives and property. Further, resources meant for development have to be diverted to war, which affects the economic growth, stability and development in a long run.
2. Both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers. The nuclear scare is a huge factor in why we should not go for war. Further, nuclear arsenal of Pakistan has historically been proved to be in irresponsible hands.
3. There are huge possibilities of peace and cooperation if the rhetoric of war and aggression is toned down from both sides of the border.
4. Since the cultural values of both the countries are same, there is a huge possibility of brokering peace even in worst of times.
5. Geo-politically, we cannot afford to have another unstable country that too in form of our immediate neighbour as it will breed IS like elements.
6. Even the families of soldiers do not want war as they are aware of its high cost in form of loss of bread earners of the family.

What should India do?
India has always had the policy of peaceful co-existence. While Pakistan does not shut down its terror agenda, India can raise the issue as it has successfully done at various International and multi-laterl institutions like UN and BRICS. India has successfully done this diplomatic exercise and has built huge pressure on Pakistan. Further, instead of outright war, surgical strikes to neutralize the potential upcoming threats even across the border have been done and highly applauded. India should further aggressively pursue her Chahbahar project with Iran to get access to Afghanistan. This will be a major breakthrough in trade with Central Asia, thus isolating Pakistan and Afghanistan's dependence on it for trade with India.

We cannot have war to appease the masses, but cannot avoid it if India is under threat.
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