Why do fold mountains have enormous thickness of sedimentary rocks ?

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asked Dec 29, 2016 in Indian and World Geography by PRASHANT TYAGI (1,175 points)

a.) due to deposition of sediments in a valley for millions of years

b.) due to accumulation of sediments in a geosyncline 

c.) the plains were folded into mountains 

d.) the sediments were folded into recumbent and nappe folds 

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answered Dec 29, 2016 by Pra Na (1,750 points)
It's B ...
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answered Dec 29, 2016 by naren0324 (110 points)

b) due to accumulation of sediments in a geosyncline 

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answered Jan 31, 2017 by Phurden Lepcha (345 points)
option B.
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answered Feb 9, 2017 by abhisheksinghitbhu (110 points)
It should be B
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answered Apr 11, 2017 by Ankita1610 (295 points)
Accumulation in geosyncline
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