The wind deflected due the rotation of the earth is known as -

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asked Jan 7 in Indian and World Geography by PRASHANT TYAGI (4,445 points)

a.) Geostropic wind 

b.) westerlies

c.) monsoon disturbances 

d.) None

commented Mar 1 by alam (100 points)
geostropic wind

4 Answers

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answered Jan 7 by Pra Na (1,745 points)
Certainly not monsson disturbances

Westerlies basically denotes the direction ofnthe wind so its not the answer

Geostrophic wind is definitely the result of coriolis
commented Feb 28 by ayushgarg01 (6,050 points)
Are you sure? can you clarify how?
commented Feb 28 by Pra Na (1,745 points)
I THINk my answer is wrong ...

i must be none of the above
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answered Jan 9 by Shobhit Upadhyay (1,115 points)
Obtion B
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answered Feb 7 by Shivanagouda (290 points)
d. None
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answered May 1 by Ajay kumar (355 points)
coriolis force is the result of rotation of option D i.e none of these is correct.
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