TheUPSCOnline should be free forever [poll]

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asked Nov 16, 2016 in Polls by challenger (13,790 points)
Keep minimum charge so that website can self sustain
Keep right price so that experts quality is maintained with right rumeneration
commented Nov 16, 2016 by tuo.current (7,320 points)
Some things (Basic) should be free forever and others (Premium) should be paid (minimal charge).
commented Nov 29, 2016 by Pra Na (1,750 points)
Open up the website for voluntary donations.
Also open up ur website for advertisement and affiliate program.

Let the Q and A section be free for everyone.

When the test series are introduced let it be at an affordable premium
commented Dec 6, 2016 by TheUPSCAdmin (1,960 points)
@Pra Na, Thanks for the feedback.
commented Dec 12, 2016 by brabha35 (70 points)
If u want to do business like any other website of UPSC Preperation, then why lol here ????
keep ur price.....Interested candidates will come....In any way this question is beneficial to us ??

we are here only to get as much knowledge as possible for civils preparation ..
commented Dec 12, 2016 by TheUPSCAdmin (1,960 points)
Dear  brabha35,

Please read FAQ. You are free to read questions &  gain knowledge freely. As mentioned in FAQ, core features will remain FREE-FOREVER.

We though to make even premium services as free (or at-least affordable) if community demands for it; So this poll. We hope you understand, if we wanted to do business, there was no need for us to ask this poll & no one would have stopped us. Trust in good intentions & Please feel free to ask any question or write back in feedback. We are happy to assist you.

Happy learning!


4 Answers

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answered Dec 3, 2016 by Priyanka (150 points)
I think this great platform should be free for basic things or suggestions and for any specific course or study material you can charge from students. Or you can opt for voluntary Donations whosoever willing to do so.

By the way, I must say... it is a great Initiative.
commented Dec 6, 2016 by TheUPSCAdmin (1,960 points)
@Priyanka, Thanks for the feedback.
0 votes
answered Dec 8, 2016 by Sagar (125 points)
Yes it should be free please....
commented Dec 12, 2016 by TheUPSCAdmin (1,960 points)
Thanks for the feedback Sagar.
0 votes
answered Dec 13, 2016 by Lalith (1,020 points)
Pls b free . m pour hlps me
0 votes
answered Dec 28, 2016 by mukaddar (390 points)
good for pratice and free of cost
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