Are you satisfied with the answers quality? [poll]

+2 votes
asked Nov 16, 2016 in Polls by challenger (13,790 points)
Yes,Best (4 votes, 25%)
No,Worst quality (0 votes)
Need small improvement (10 votes, 63%)
Average (2 votes, 13%)
commented Dec 4, 2016 by divyam_gogia (935 points)
Well, the answers are pretty much average, as this q&a still is in it's early age and due to lack of users, one cannot expect good quality answers. As the time will pass we can expect more users joining this startup which would automatically result in good quality answers.

2 Answers

+1 vote
answered Dec 3, 2016 by Priyanka (150 points)
Yes, they are good enough to take a look.
+1 vote
answered Dec 13, 2016 by Lalith (1,020 points)
Needs improve

Need more goods
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