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asked Nov 22, 2016 in Expert Advice by Saumojit Dutta (60 points)
How to make notes from Hindu newspaper. Although there are many videos and blogs whichgives a detail analysis on it, still can we get a detailed explanation on how to make a note of a specific important topic from it..????

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answered Nov 22, 2016 by tuo.current (7,320 points)

I believe that there are some criteria for notes making for any exam.

  1. The form in which these notes will be desirable when you revise them during exam times.
  2. The form which will be best for igniting interest.

According to these criteria, I propose the following method:
Since for UPSC CSE, questions are asked, it is important that you prepare your notes in form of questions and answers. This will help you in knowing the following things:

  1. What you have covered for a topic.
  2. What is left in a topic.

e.g. If you are talking about India and China, then preparing questions on the issues affecting their relations will encourage you to think about various aspects of these issues. When you do it in Q-A form, you will know what you have covered and what not.
Further, such a step will help you in asking more questions related to the topic. In this way you will be absolutely clear about it. It will also keep you interested in the topic, unlike the usual notes making procedure in which you may even 'sleep' while revising (due to disinterest) wink.

How can we help?
At, our motive is to put everything in form of questions and answers. You can ask questions and can also answer a question. We have proper categories for every question, so you can search for them whenever you feel like revising. Also, we aim at comprehensive coverage of important issues while ensuring the quality of our material.
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answered Nov 26, 2016 by tuo.current2 (1,905 points)

Notes could be made in notebook or online.

Pro's of online :

  1. You can add & edit any given topic as & when they come from different sources
  2. You can carry online notes in tab/smartphone anywhere u go & read anytime


  1. You could easily get distracted while making online notes
  2. Irritation to eyes

Pro's of notebook :

  1. Writing practice
  2. Available when no net/electricity

Cons: Cannot jolt different points in same place

Personally I used to make notes in notebook for my first 2 attempts now i am making online notes from Hindu e-paper its faster too...

On your second question Just jolt down important points from any articles you read, its like precise writing where it is test of your skill of how little yet precise you can write about any topic, it will come with time just remember you have to reduce a 500-1000 word article into 100-150 word that will suite UPSC mains answers

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answered Dec 10, 2016 by Gautam0428 (120 points)
Pls visit unacademy  how to read the Hindu  watch it
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