Mental healthcare bill 2017 has been passed recently which amended the age old practice of criminalising suicide.In this regard,give reasons why decriminalisation of suicide was important?

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answered Jun 8, 2017 by prashant1984 (42,500 points)

India, which has 17.5% of the world‘s population, accounts for only 17% of the world‘s suicides.
This means that less number of people commit suicide in India per capita than they do in the rest of the world.
As per government data, 1,31,666 Indians committed suicide in 2014.
This grew to 1,33,623 suicides in 2015, an increase of 1,957.
This works out to an annual growth rate of a measly 1.4%.
This is far below our projected GDP growth rate of 7.1%.
By decriminalising suicide, not only has the government sent the right signal to foreign investors.
It has also created a more enabling environment for an efficient India.
Objectively speaking, suicide has tremendous scope in India, this huge gap between suicide growth rate and economic growth rate is utterly hameful.
Most experts put the blame on the hostile regulatory environment for suicide in India, which had made it a punishable offence.
The right to life is the most fundamental human right, since there is no life without death.
We can‘t have a right to life without a right to death as well.
If we want India to become a superpower, we have to become more efficient.
To become more efficient, we need to get rid of the deadwood holding our economy back.
With suicide no longer a crime, the stigma attached to it will disappear.
And those who have neither the skills nor the qualifications nor the flexible mindset required to fit into the new economy can also disappear.
For instance, farmers stuck on agriculture, workers stuck on labour rights, students stuck on obsolete ideas of freedom, activists stuck on the Constitution, etc. are now legally entitled to resign themselves from their respective lives.
Farmers, poor daily wagers, students, and housewives are the most high-performing groups in India when it comes to suicide.
Thereby freeing up scarce fiscal resources for productive deployment elsewhere — say, in the defence budget.
This is a path-breaking law also for acknowledging, for the first time, that ―severe stress‖ is reason enough for anyone to kill themselves.
It just passed the most pro-farmer, pro-poor, pro-labour, pro-housewife, pro-student law ever, when it decriminalised suicide.


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