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Q1.Consider the following statement which is/are true for Plastid-

1.They can be found in both Plant and animal cells.

2.They donot have their own DNA.

3.They are of two types-CHromoplat and Leucoplast.

A)1 only           B)2 only

c)3 only            d)1,2, and 3

Q2.Consider  the following statement which is/are true for NPA-

1.80% of NPA is owned by public sector bank.

2.Debt Recovery Tribunal are set up to sell property related to NPA.

3.SARFASI act 2002 enhances the power of Bank for recovery of NPA.

A)1 and 3          B)2 and 3

C)1 and 2          D)all of the above

Q3.Whic is state is called Cradle of Buddhism?

A)Uttar Pradesh     B)Bihar

C)Sikkim                  D)Arunachal Pradesh

Q4.Which of the following tribe practice Polyandry?

A)Toda                     B)Kadar

C)Monda                  D)Lodha
commented Oct 15, 2017 by prashant1984 (42,500 points)
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