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Q1.Which of the following statement is/are correct?

1.National electric mobility mission plan 2020 aims to reduce dependence on fossil fuel and promote cleaner technologies.

2.It involves implementation of small grid in India.

A)1 only        b)2 only

c)1 and 2 both d)None of the above

Q2.Which of the following is/are true Ibn-e-Batuta

1.He was Born in Morocco.

2.He was appointed Qazi by Muhammad-bin-tuglaq.

3.He wrote Dastan-e-hind in Persian.

A) 1 and 3         b)2 and 3

c)1 and 2           d)1,2 and 3

Q3.Which of the following tax is regressive in nature?

A)Excise duty       b)Income Tax

C)wealth tax        d)Expenditure Tax

Q4. Consider the following about National Investigation Agency of India:

  1. The Agency came into existence with the enactment of the National Investigation Agency Act 2008 by the Parliament of India on 31 December 2008.
  2. It is a statutory body under Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

a)1 and 2        b)1 only

c)2 only           d) none of the above

commented Oct 20, 2017 by prashant1984 (42,500 points)
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answered Oct 21, 2017 by PRASHANT TYAGI (1,340 points)
Answer 2- Option c.

Answer 3- Option b.
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