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The UPSC Online - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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1. What is this platform all about & Is this FREE service?

The Core features of the forum is will remain free forever. Today, following services are listed as free service,

Discussion - Ask questions and get answers.

Aspirant can get answers to even trivial questions and clear their doubts & improve their conceptual understanding.

Review - Get feedback on their answers from peers.

They can give feedback and get feedback from other aspirants.

This is win-win environment which improves the quality of individuals’ answer writing skills.

Connect - Discuss with aspirants.

Connects a group of serious aspirants which motivates each other to study and excel.

Prepare - Prelims mock test

The real feel of exam and to check the level of the preparation.

It also guides the aspirants in right direction. Old paper are offered as free service.

2. Why services are free?

We believe, If we are something today that is because of society. This motivates us to give back to society. We aimed to serve Civil Service aspirants community who shares common ideology.

Another important reason is to reach to the nuke and corner of the India so that even deprived people should get the facility without exploitation.

3. If this is Free, how TheUPSCOnline will sustain in long term?

We are aware that no free service can sustain for long term without financial support from Donors. But donations sometime do arrive with certain obligations, which is not entertained in this esteemed community.

This is the reason we decided to make this community self sustaining. For this reason, some premium services will be started in future assuring prices will remain affordable to most aspirants.

4. Any benefits to economically backward aspirants?

The premium services will be free for them who are economically backward. We have long term goal of giving scholarships for desired aspirants.

5. How it is different from other websites?

The nature of civil service exam is to question everything but do what is good for the society. We are following Q&A approach to learn everything so that they can learn with the same attitude at their own comfort and do good to society at later stage as civil servants.

6. What kind of question I can ask here?

All questions must be beneficial for the community

7. How the answers should be given?

All answers must be written from a neutral point of view (NPOV), which means representing fairly, proportionately, and, as far as possible, without editorial bias, all of the significant views that have been published by reliable sources on a topic.

8. How can I contribute to community through this platform?

You can contribute in many ways,

Do you have something else in mind? - Write back to us.

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